Other Fundraising Ideas

Charity Campaign Ribbons

Folded ribbon with safety pin.  Printed with your campaign or charity message. Can be supplied unprinted and unprinted.  One colour print only. 12mm width satin acetate ribbon with anti-fray coating. As used for breast cancer awareness, AIDS, homelessness, and fundraising and awareness campaigns.  Minimum order quantity - 100

Campaign Ribbon Group Mixed Campaign Ribbon

Charity Fundraising Bugs

Fluffy bugs come in a variety of colours with coloured feet and a printed ribbon to carry you fundraising message. Satin acetate ribbons can be printed one or two colours and a polysoft ribbon printed full colour. You can choose from basic bugs to handholders and hatter bugs.  Minimum order quantity - 100

Basic RangeIntro MontageHobbies Montage

Charity Fundraising Wristbands

Popular for charity and awareness campaigns. Silicone or tyvek wristbands.  Silicone wristbands are available in childrens and adult sizes, in a vairety of colours. Can be printed or debossed. Tyvek wristbands can be printed one colour or full colour and sequentially numbered.  They are also available as plain stock.  Minimum order quantity - 100


charity fundraising Tyvek wristband flatcharity fundraising made up tyvek wristbandchairty fundraising silicone wristbands

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